Security Incident Event Management and Cloud Security Techniques

azzeddine.ramramiMr. Azzeddine Ramrami

Azzeddine Ramrami is an information security developer, author, instructor and expert consultant with over a decade of experience in the security, secure coding, network and telecommunication arena. R. Azzeddine is a pioneer and founded Applied Security, an end-to-end information security management company, which serves over 300+ customers globally.

R. Azzeddine presently works as Professor, Instructor and Author/developer and is a senior Enterprise Security Architect consultant which works closely with law enforcement agencies, and security defense establishments to strengthen international cyber security programs.

Associations and Certifications : R. Azzeddine holds the CSWAE, CPEH, CPTE, CPTC and CEH certification and is not only a Mile2 Senior Instructor but is the author of the latest mile2’s C)SWAE, C)PTE and C)PTC course and lab guide. Since 2008, R. Azzedine holds a chair position at OWASP in Morrocco and leads OWASP and mile2 certification expansion efforts in Canada, France and North Africa.

Talk about :

1. How to setup SIEM (Security Incident Event Management) using Bigdata and the Cloud.

Threats in CyberSecurity and the Cloud

SIEM : overview

SIEM architecture and components

Why SIEM ?

SIEM setup using Bigdata

Protect the Cloud using SIEM*

2. Cloud Security Techniques and Frameworks

Introduction to Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud Computing Reference Architecture Overview

Cloud Adoption Patterns

Cloud Service Models

Cloud Deplyment Models

Secure By Design

Application vulnerabilitues continue to dominate vulnerability disclosures statistics

Multi Tenacy issues in the Cloud

Cloud Computing Security Architecture

Cloud Computing Risks