Internet of things: technological and societal trends

Pr. Radouane MrabetPr. Radouane Mrabet

Pr. Radouane Mrabet is a full professor at University Mohammed V of Rabat Morocco. Pr. R. Mrabet is the former President of the University Mohammed V – Souissi (December 2010 – August 2014). He served also as Director of ENSIAS (National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis) between November 2007 and December 2010. He is a founding member and General Coordinator of the Task Force IPv6 Morocco since June 2006. He was the former Co-Chair of the Franco-Moroccan research program Hubert Curien (PHC Volubilis) and Franco-North African research program (Maghreb PHC).
Pr. R. Mrabet is the author of dozens of national and international publications. He led several R & D projects and studies in the fields of information technology (NET’U MED, JOINMED, BEITI6, TELESUN, …). The organization of several important scientific events is also to his credit.
Pr. R. Mrabet received his PhD in June 1995 from Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium in the field of Communication Networks. He received a Master degree in July 1987 from Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris – France, in the field of Computer Systems. Finally, he is an Engineer from École Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs, Mohammed V University, Rabat – Morocco, also in the field of Computer Systems.

Talk about :

  • Internet of things: technological and societal trends

The Internet of things (IoT) can be perceived as a far-reaching vision with technological and societal implications. » this sentence from the ITU-T recommendation Y2060 summarizes the plenary conference of Pr. Radouane Mrabet.

The conference attempts to answer three key questions:

i) IoT: are we witnessing a new industrial revolution and digital?,

ii) what are the technologies that make possible the large scale development of connected objects?

iii) what can we recommend to our policies and our universities so that Morocco become an IoT respected actor?